10 Games in… 13 Points… 10th Place… What Now?

Barclays_Premier_League_logo_(shield)10 games into the Premier League season and the table makes for sad reading for any United fan. In a 38 game season 10 games may only represent 26% of United’s league fixtures; but with a haul of just 13 points (with a quarter of the season gone) fans can kiss good bye to any hope of a  fairy-tale comeback season.

Let’s do the maths… if we assume that 13 points is a likely haul from 10 games then we can assume that all United fans can look forward to is approximately 52 points at the end of the season. Just to give you an idea, last year 52 points would have you finishing in 9th place in the English Premier League.

Last season United finished with 64 points and I am being premature by suggesting the team are likely to finish on 52 points. However, based on current form, 52 points is all they are likely to achieve and we need a change of fortune if we are to gain more than 52 points, let alone beat the previous seasons 64.  All in all, the season does not look so good for United so far.

It is worth noting that at the 10 game stage last year the Red Devils had a haul of 17 points! Furthermore, at this stage of the season last year, I distinctly remember people calling for the head of David Moyes. 17 points and with the team languishing in 8th place after 10 games was wholly unacceptable to United fans as the board kept quiet.

So, what now for the red half of Manchester? With less points than the same stage last year and finding themselves lower down the table as well will add pressure to the players on match day. In fact, teams that feared a trip to Old Trafford now fancy their chances! Van Gaal will be earning has mega bugs as he plots United’s revival.

That said, how do you motivate a group of players, most of which get paid more than the manager, to improve their game?  The Dutchman will have to wait to spend if his solution is to bring in a new face (or two), however, until then he will have to coach improvements in to the squad. Sir Alex would have put the fear of God into the players but what of van Gaal, if improvements are not made soon and progress evident then the fans (and importantly the board) will start to question his effectiveness with this United squad.

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