9 points from 9 before Xmas!

West Ham at home today must surely be the start of 9 points from 9 leading up to Christmas. Aware we are at the start of a sticky patch with a lack of goals and now we’re conceding but that needs to change over the next three games.

West Ham at home today, Bournemouth away and then Norwich at home. No disrespect to them at all and I know our fear factor, both home and away has now gone but we should realistically be beating all three of these teams.

It’s safe to say as always, my number one priority the day of a United match, is where will I be watching the game if I’m not there. That’s certainly been the case the last two weekends whilst being away. I’ll be back at Old Trafford on Saturday and there is no chance I’ll be late for it, even if it’s one beer or five before kick off. Yes, I still always still like to get to the pub before a game to catch up with the lads.

United vs West Ham this Saturday though is the fourth thing on my list however before I can even get think about the pub. First football coaching in the morning, then my lads Christmas School fair before dropping him at a birthday party. If I get all that done on time then I can still make The Quadrant pub by 2pm hopefully, well that is plan for sure and I’m pretty confident I can make it.

Going into nothing specific about this particular game, I’m going to concentrate on what we can get looking ahead over the next three weeks. As mentioned earlier, we should realistically be looking at beating West Ham, Bournemouth away and then Norwich home. If we can’t then I think our league season is over. Years gone by we wouldn’t even be thinking about ‘having’ to win these games, you’d just presume the wins would come or at the bare least seven points from nine.

Last month was one of and will probably one of the toughest of our whole season with the amount of games we played so lets start this month of strong with a win against West Ham. My prediction 2-0 United.

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