Battle of Rostov

I’m of course not referring to the battle of the Eastern Front during World War II in 1941, but United’s 4000 mile round trip and the dreadful pitch that we had to play on. Since the game UEFA have now declared the pitch and surface as unplayable and Rostov have been banned from now playing on it. Great, thanks for that. Mourinho was right then in his complaints before the game. When I heard that though I just thought he was being petty, clearly not and I was wrong

Fair play as well to all those 238 United lads who made the long trip. Great support and I know two of them that made it out there too. Great effort from the club as well, who paid each of their visa fees to get out there and watch them. As well as apparently giving them blankets when they got into the ground to keep themselves warm. With the pitch, the conditions and all the travel, a 1-1 away draw would be taken all day long before going out there.

Onto tonight then and it wasn’t until just before kick off that I also heard about even more travel issues for our lads after the mammouth they’d already had last week. United’s plane back from Chelsea was cancelled for some reason, so they had to head back via coach which was a nightmare with all the road works on the M6 in the middle of the night. Which meant the players did not get back home until around 4am, to be fair they were all still up and trained as normal the next day. You can half understand the lack lustre performance of tonight’s game then.

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