Coz’ United are going to Moscow

Unfortunately I’m not there, in fact I’m not sure I’ll do another United European away for many a year, unlike the 700 or so that are already out in Moscow today. As a team United have been to Moscow a fair few times over the years but the earliest game I can remember watching is the one against Torpedo back in the 1992-93 season. When they knocked us out of the UEFA Cup on penalties after a 0-0 draw in both games. I’ll always remember the game, not cos I watched it when I got in from college but for the fact of the penalty shoot-out itself. I can’t remember too many occasions where a team scores its first two penalties, then misses it’s next three and the opposition do the opposite and win. I can’t even remember who else missed but I’ll always remember Gary Pallister stepping up and missing the decisive one.

Of course Moscow will always be in my heart as well as I was out there for the Champions League final back in 2008 against Chelsea, my last Euro away in fact. What a memorable evening that was but as its recent we all know what happened so you don’t need me to tell you again. Be nice to win again this season though ten years one wouldn’t it?

United 4 Burton 1 in the Carabao Cup

As for tonight’s game, as always it will be tricky but Mourinho has so much knowledge and experience in these type of games that I can see us getting a result no problem. If it’s not 1-0 then it’ll be 2-0 I reckon. This obviously comes after two more wins since my Everton blog the other week.

Firstly we played a strong team (which came as a bit of a surprise) against Burton Albion in the League Cup with Rashford playing up top and scoring two in an easy win. Obviously the atmosphere wasn’t great in that game, even in the Stretford End where I was, but it was a good evening and I think the other 55,000 in the ground would agree too.

A few days later I headed down to Southampton, what a long day that was after my alarm went off at 5am. All worth it though as it always is when you have a great laugh with the lads on the coach. The performance wasn’t great of course, especially second half but obviously the result was. Either way, you make the most of it win, lose or draw when you have four or five hours to get back to Manchester.

We held on in the second half but Lukaku’s goal gave us a 1-0 win away at Southampton

Anyway, I’m actually off to a gig in town tonight (tickets booked ages ago) but I’ve worked out the timings and I shall be able to watch the whole match in a pub before dashing straight into the gig. Enjoy the game yourselves! Also, I caught about fifteen minutes earlier of our UEFA Youth League at the Oktyabr Stadium in Moscow and we won 2-1 with goals from Barlow and Gomes.

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