Derby Day in Ibiza

What a time to be away? Where to watch football in Ibiza? We purposely booked flights around potential fixture times, so we didn’t miss any football that was going to be on the weekend we were away. We were of course hoping United would be on TV as you can’t beat watching football in your shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops whilst sat at a bar in the sun having a cold beer. Of course we had no idea what the fixture would be when we booked the flights ten months ago, so when the fixtures did come out we were gutted to be missing a United home game, let alone the Manchester derby.

Anyway, we sorted out weeks in advance of flying to Ibiza, on the Wednesday before the game, who was going to be using our season tickets whilst we were there. Once there the mayhem and partying got started. Straight out Wednesday night on arrival, Thursday afternoon, evening and night. Friday afternoon, evening and night. You get the drift, so by the time we go to bed in the early hours of Saturday morning we all knew we then had to be up in about six hours time for the 1.30pm kick off local time.

our view in Pub Neptuno

Thanks to some good scouting around though whilst were we out and about over the last few days, we’d already sorted and found a pub to watch the game in. Unfortunately it was whole 50 yard walk away. Yes, we’d noticed by chance a pub diagonally opposite our hotel that said it showed football. It was called Pub Neptuno and I think I got in there about an hour before kick off. A few of our lads were already there looking tired but not as tired as me. Oh well, we were on holiday and now we had the best seats in the pub and beers in hand.

Were beers the right choice after just getting up and heading straight to the pub? I believe so as there is no way I could allow a hangover to kick in whilst watching the actual game. The Estrella went down well but it went down slowly.

Onto the game. It of course pains me to say it, but you have to appreciate it when you’re out played and taken apart and Manchester City certainly did that in the first half of the game. Guardiola got his tactics spot on, there was no way he could compete with us in the air and physically, so he kept his full backs in their natural full back positions and allowed Silva and de Bruyne to run the game in the centre of the park. We couldn’t get near them for forty minutes of the game and because of that we were with no surprise 2-0 down.

Only for an awful error by City’s debutant goalkeeper Bravo before half-time, City may have continued their dominance in the second half. They didn’t though and we took advantage of his error and somehow could have actually gone in at half-time all level. That would have been completely unfair and not a true reflection on the game, but that is not always how football works.

Mourinho changed his tactics and made urgent substitutions for the second half and a draw by the end of that would have now actually been fair, as we were the better team in the second half. Obviously know where near as good as City were in the first half themselves with their passing and movement, but with our quick passing and high pressing tempo we created enough chances to at least get back into the game.

It wasn’t to be though and after three hours and four beers in the pub it was time for some fresh air and pool time to refresh and chill out. Totally gutted to lose the game as you always are, but it was the last day of our holiday there so no point dwelling on it, so we didn’t. After a few more quiet afternoon/early beers around the pool, we headed our for an evening curry before heading out on the town once again. Rubbish result but a cracking holiday!


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