Derby Day out to remember

Yep, yesterday was an eventful derby day out to remember, and not just because of the 1-0 away victory!!

I thought to myself a few days before kick off that we must be due a league win at City’s ground soon, but as soon as the thought went into my head I remember van Persie’s last-minute free kick from December 2012. What a goal and what a finish to the match.

RvP Man CityWhat made it even more special was the fact that this was the first time we played each other since they beat us 1-0 in the previous April before going on to win their first Premier League title. Anyway, enough about that.

It’s an old cliché but “form goes out of the window on derby day” is the famous saying. Prior to the game neither of us were in any great form. City are still in with a chance of winning the Premier League but had been hit and miss all season so realistically it was more in hope to be honest. The only form we were in was to win a couple of tough games and then lose an easy one. How many times this season have we taken a few steps forward and then gone back even more.

Anyway, the day itself was certainly a busy one. I played my Sunday morning football earlier on, we lost again and went to the pub in Chorlton afterwards for a quick drink. It was a quick drink too and very well-timed I might add. I had the pint in about 15 minutes, said goodbye and headed to the tram stop. I purchased my ticket and 30 seconds later the tram had arrived.

Only 15 minutes later I walked into a pub in town to meet my brother and a pint was sat there waiting for me. Perfect timing all round. I think we had one more round before grabbing a couple of cans each for the walk to the ground. Just as we finished the cans we were greeted by girls handing out hot peperami rolls, they’re not the best things in the world but after hardly eating all day and after a few beers they certainly went down well.

After all that, we get the one-nil win courtesy of 18-year-old Mr Rashford, what a great finish!

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