Everton at home in London

Come on, it’s not as it actually sounds but for me it is actually what happened. That’s right I wasn’t at Old Trafford on Sunday which as you’re aware doesn’t actually happen too often, but I’d booked and agreed to go to London for an old friend’s 40th birthday party ages ago. It’s always a tricky one to agree to stuff at the end of last season when the fixtures for the new season are ages away. Especially when it’s London and you have to think about getting hotels and trains booked as early as possible so you can get the best (cheapest!) deal.

Thankfully I did book the trains there and back early enough and I did get dirt cheap tickets, I purposely booked the times around all potential Saturday and Sunday kick offs. That way I knew I’d at least get to watch us down there if we were on TV. Good job I did as I booked the 6.30pm train back from Euston to Manchester on Sunday evening. It meant after recovering from a very late night Saturday night in the west end, a greasy spoon Sunday lunchtime I got myself to the Royal George pub next to Euston Station about 3.30pm. I got back on the beers and they went down well and more food was ordered once we got a good seat. I do though this pub, the last time I was in it was when I got down to London a few years back to see us get spanked by MK Dons in the League Cup. Happy days ay!?

Brilliant result against Everton then, but as the game went on there was frustration that Everton would get back into it. We just couldn’t find the second goal after the stunner from Valencia after just a few minutes. Thankfully unlike last year where we may well have let the result slip and concede a goal and get a draw, which we could have done if Rooney had converted his couple of chances. He didn’t though and instead we spanked in three late goals as we finished them off. Something we are doing regularly so far this season, scoring goals late on.

Burton up tomorrow and I’m sure a few lads will get rested as we we take them on in the Carabao Cup, but how strong will Mourinho go?

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