First MUFC away day of the season

You wait all summer for the Premier League to start and once it has, you have to wait another nine days for your first away trip of the season. Still, it’s Wednesday now so I only have four or five days to go before I’m heading south to Brighton on a United coach from Manchester. Remember, I didn’t make this game last season or even see it live for that matter as I was busy. The one and only game I never saw. I’ll be there this season though and can’t wait for it.

Brighton’s goal last season as they beat us 1-0

A day out with the lads and a catch up with what’s been happening over the summer with them. After not seeing so many of the usual faces that you normally see every two weeks during the actual season. A new ground to visit too as I’ve never been to any Brighton ground, in fact I think I’ve only even been to Brighton itself once.

As well as Brighton’s Falmer Stadium to visit, I also now have a few other new Premier League grounds to visit. When just two years ago when I visited the London Stadium for West Ham away, I’d been to all the current Premier League grounds. Now I have Brighton, Cardiff, Wolves and of course Spurs’ new ground (even though it’s on the same site), if they ever sort themselves out. All should be good trips though if I manage to get tickets.

I nearly forgot to apply for Watford away actually, but thankfully something triggered my brain and I logged on and got my application in. Although after getting both Brighton and Burnley tickets so far this season, I’m expecting to be chubbed for Watford. I’ll just have to make sure I enjoy myself this Sunday and of course hope United pick up three more points after beating Leicester last Friday. After Brighton, it’s Spurs at home before our local Burnley trip:

“Thank you for your ticket application for our Premier League away game against Burnley.

Following a random ballot, we are delighted to confirm that your application has been successful. The cost of your ticket is £30 and has been charged to the card details provided in the original application.

For this game we have been allocated 2,458 tickets, and we received a total of 8,481 ticket applications from eligible supporters.

79% of these tickets have been allocated to Season Ticket holders and 11% have been allocated to Executive Club Members. Application success rates were as follows:

  • Season Ticket holders in the Loyalty Pot received 22% of available tickets and their success rate = 85%
  • Other eligible Season Ticket holders received 66% of available tickets and their success rate = 21%
  • Executive Club Members received 12% of available tickets and their success rate = 34%

Your match ticket, along with other useful information needed for your away trip, will be posted out to you in time for the game.

If you are no longer able to attend the game please contact us as soon as possible on 0161 868 8000. Alternatively, our ‘Ticket Forwarding’ facility allows you to ‘forward’ your ticket to another eligible Season Ticket holder.

You should have already received detailed information regarding this service – for more information, including a step-by-step user guide, please visit the official site at”

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