In Bruges

(l-r.) Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell star in Martin McDonagh's IN BRUGES, a Focus Features release.

“There’s a Christmas tree somewhere in London with a bunch of presents underneath it that’ll never be opened. And I thought, if I survive all of this, I’d go to that house, apologize to the mother there, and accept whatever punishment she chose for me. Prison… death… didn’t matter. Because at least in prison and at least in death, you know, I wouldn’t be in f@#$in’ Bruges. But then, like a flash, it came to me. And I realized, f@#$ man, maybe that’s what hell is: the entire rest of eternity spent in f@#$in’ Bruges. And I really really hoped I wouldn’t die. I really really hoped I wouldn’t die.”

The above is a quote from Ray (Colin Farrell) from the film In Bruges. Now I love this film and I love his rant. For me though Bruge is a place I’ve always wanted to visit and seeing the film made me want to go even more.

These days my United euro aways are currently a think of the past for me and have been for 10 years now, after trips back then to Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and of course Russia. Maybe in the future it’s something I can do it again when I have less family responsibility, we’ll see.


I remember watching a documentary about Bruges in the build up to Euro 2000, where the 30,000 Jan Breydel Stadium was used for four games in those Championships. It took my eye then with all its small streets and roads filled with bars and restaurants.

I’m sure all my fellow reds over there now, who’ve even day trip travellers or gone for a few days will enjoy their time over there with many various flavored beers being drunk. I just hope they stay safe too as I’m aware Brugge Ultras have built up a reputation and have been known to attack other groups of travelling football away fans.

Onto the game and it was our Belgian Fellani who gave United a cushion, by making it 3-1 in the 93rd last Tuesday. We’d dominate the whole game after they’d taken the initially lead from a free kick that took two deflections to wrong-foot Romero. Man of the match Mephis was outstanding and really should have got his hatrick after a superb move and run from Luke Shaw down the right hand side.

Only winning 2-1 would have been a worrying result, not performance wise as we were good on the night. Brugge didn’t create much at all but at only a 2-1 result would mean that all it takes is a 1-0 home victory and they’re through. Now, we’re still not through and I’m sure Brugge will give it a good go tonight but I’m going to go for a 1-1 draw and for us to be in the group draw tomorrow then.

I believe Fellani and Herrera will both start tonight and with both of them being fresh after not much football for different reason so far this season, it wouldn’t surprise if either of them scored our goal. Enjoy the game!


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