Our new bogey team?

The Swans away was the only game I missed last year. I was away for the weekend in a place where there was no foreign channel to go and watch. I did manage to catch the results coming in on Soccer Saturday and remember celebrating Herrera’s goal. Only to be disappointed when the final whistle went with a 2-1 defeat. Are they now are new bogey team?

I think they’ve beaten us three times now in the last eighteen months. This is a team who ten years ago were in the fourth tier of English football. If they beat us tomorrow then that will confirm

I think Gary Monk is excellent though, what a professional. Didn’t know too much about him barring that he had a long playing career with the Swans. From the moment he got the manager’s job though I’ve been impressed.

Fair play to the club too, they’ve had a number of managers who’ve all done reasonably well come and go, from Martinez, Rogers and Laudrup. This time though they went with someone within the club already who’s character they knew and trusted.

Only been to Swansea the once. That was Moyes’ first game in charge. Even though I got soaked with all the rain before the game, it was a cracking game and a cracking result. Both van Persie and Welbeck with a brace.

Even with all that though, the one thing I do remember and that stands out to me


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