Spurs for the title?

Well possibly Spurs for the title, or will they at some point (when it actually matters) revert back to their old tag of ‘typical Spurs’ and blow it at some point. Okay, it’s still technically a four horse runs but it now has to be between Spurs or Leicester.

And for quite a while now I’ve been saying to my friends, can you imagine Spurs finishing above United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and both scouse teams and still not winning the league. The first time they’ve ever finished above all of them ever in the premier league and still they do  not win the league? If you said that to someone at the start of the season they’d of had you carted off for medical treatment.

Anyway, it’s been a fair few years now since I’ve managed to get to Spurs away – mainly because it’s seems to be one of those grounds we always seem to get chubbed for, for some reason. In fact, I’d go as far as saying it’s the most popular ground we don get tickets for. Then when we have managed to get tickets for White Hart Lane it’s been the weekends I’ve been down to work.

The plans for Spurs’ new ground – 2017/18 season

This year I was determined to get there and when we got tickets I pencilled it in, all be it for the usual cost of around £50. Then however, we draw against West Ham in the FA Cup and have to replay them in the just a few days after Spurs. I can only afford to do one. Decision made, the Hammers tickets are cheaper but more importantly this could be my last chance to go to Upton Park again forever. As there is no guarantee I’ll get tickets or be able to make the midweek league game in May.

Plus Spurs will still be at White Hart Lane next season so that will now have to be my aim. I think they’re n not due to move to their new ground until the start of the 2017/2018 season.

Onto the game – Spurs have been scoring for fun this season whilst trying to win the league and have also one of the best defences in the league. I never like saying it but I’ll take the draw now. As for some reason I feel a two or three nil defeat is on the cards unfortunately.


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