There ain’t no party like halting a Man City party

Well, for a change, it was absolutely fine to be kept locked inside the council house after seeing United come from 2-0 down to win 3-2 on Saturday evening. I doubt many of us would have been saying that at half-time though that’s for sure. After a truly awful last twenty minutes of the first half when we should have probably been about five down.

It wasn’t to be for City though, as in true typical Manchester City style and the reason we have been singing “let’s all laugh at city” for many years now, they messed their “big” day up. They will of course go on to win the league this season and full credit to them for doing that, they’ve been by far the best team in terms of results and performances this season.

The fact we stopped them actually winning the league against us on derby day though now does mean something, when before hand I didn’t really think too much of it. Of course we haven’t won anything other than three points, but looking back now, beating United to win the league meant everything to the Man City fans. They’d built it up so much among themselves that this was the day they could humiliate us and then remind us of it for years to come.

I was a witness to it as well, as for a change I actually got the tram to the ground this year, although I do think I did the same last year but can’t remember. For years though, a couple of us would always meet in town and then walk to the ground to get there in plenty of time to avoid the surge of United fans turning up late. Then have time for a few pints and chat inside the ground as well then.

This year, after a couple of pints and a read of the paper in The Toll Gate pub in Old Trafford I set-off to the ground via the tram at about 3.50pm. Now I knew it was obviously going to be packed with City fans at some point, so it was all about keeping my head down, smiling politely and ignoring anything that was going on. I changed trams at Cornbrook and did as I planned. To be fair, the City fans were in a joyous mood and of course singing plenty of songs aimed at us, a few I’d not heard before but I suppose for them, were quite amusing.

Apart from one idiot and one idiot alone that was ranting on about “munichs” being on the tram, but like everyone else on there choose to ignore him, like I did with restraint. As we got closer to the ground, the tram roof was being banged more and more to the chant of “we’ll win the league on derby day!” and so on, you get the picture. I soon realised even more that we had to be beating them today as we would never hear the end of it. They had all their songs ready and of course there would be t-shirts, scarves and banners already printed to sell after the game.

We now had to stop them winning it today, not because it would make any difference to the overall outcome, but just for our own sanity to stop being reminded of it for forever and forever. At half-time I went downstairs for a pint and I was fuming with their first goal, to me that is basic defending. You don’t always have to win the header but at least put Kompany off by jumping with him shoulder and shoulder and give him a nudge.

Anyway, it was all forgotten in the second-half after an incredible comeback and being on the second row from the top of the third tier didn’t stop us going mental when we scored. It is that steep up there, but I still lost my mind and forgot myself with enjoyment as both the second and then United’s third goal went in.

Unfortunately my phone was broken on Saturday so was unable to take any pictures of the empty stadium after the game as we waited in the stand to get out. Eventually we were let out and after more singing leaving the ground it was the long walk back to town and few quiet celebration pints in The Old Monkey.

Next match: Old Trafford, Sunday 15th April @ 4pm vs West Brom in the Premier League

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  1. There really is no better feeling.

    Wish united were so close to steal the league with that win. I would troll city to the ends of the earth.

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