Top away day down to Swansea

Four away trips so far for us here at MUFC global this season. Bournemouth, Hull, Scousers and now Swansea all done. Three wins and one draw from those games too and overall good performances in them all. Some still might say we should have got at Liverpool more, I do slightly agree but having seen some of our performances so far this season, I was more than happy to play the way we did to try and nick a win. We didn’t of course but we didn’t lose.

Our extra end of row, end of row seat

Anyway, Swansea away and a 2pm kick off. Perfect. It meant the coach down there wasn’t going at stupid o’clock and also wouldn’t be getting back at an unreasonable hour. In fact, back in time for a sneaky couple of beers before last orders. Although we set off slightly late we made good time and should have been at the ground a good hour before kick off, unfortunately I couldn’t believe how much home traffic was arriving so late for a mid-afternoon game. It was twenty minutes to two before we got into the ground in the end. Time for one quick beer and then we took our ‘seats’, a lovely extra end of row on an end of row seat at the back of the stand.

Swansea and United take to the field

Before the game kicked off the Liberty Stadium fell silent for the two-minute silence for Armistice Day. It was superbly observed, as I knew it would by all the fans in the ground. The picture I took for the cover photo was taken whilst the stadium announcer was still talking as the players lined up in the centre circle before anyone asks.

We’d all heard the team news on the coach on the way down, no Rashford, no Martial but not to worry it was the fact we had Rojo and Jones at the back that was all the chat, and worry. To be fair to them both though, they couldn’t have had an easier game to play together, Jones in particular after a long time out with one of his many recent injuries.

Rooney was involved in all three of our first half goals and we got stuck in early and just wiped aside the worst Swansea team I’ve seen so far in the Premier League. You can have a lack of ability sometimes but you still need organisation, team work and most importantly committment. They showed none of that as Zlatan got a brace and his first goals in a while, after a great half volley from Pogba had given us the lead initially. That was pretty much that then, three goals in quarter of an hour in the middle of the first half and the game seemed to be done and dusted. Some Swansea fans felt the same as a small but noticeable minority stood up and walked out, shocking attitude I was still thinking as we went down to the concourse for a half-time beer in a jubilant mood.


Swansea scored in the second half and that’s about all that can be talked or written about. Yes United could and maybe should have just destroyed Swansea and got some more goals, more so with us having no game coming straight up. The job was done though and to be fair if we’d have really gone at them and they’d scored a couple of quick goals, panic stations could have kicked in. They didn’t though and it was a poor second half all round.

It’s the International Break now so the majority of our team will be away for the next ten days or so with their countries, trying to qualify for World Cup 2018. Let’s just hope they’re all back from around the globe as early as possible ahead of our early lunchtime clash at Old Trafford against the Gunners.


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