Wembley! Wembley!

Wembley! Wembley! We’re the famous Man United and we’ve been to Wembley! All be it for a semi-final but it was a great day out at Wembley on Saturday 23rd April, our first for a few years!

Still buzzing from Martial’s winner as well and I have a ticket in the bag for Cup Final day on Saturday 21st May. Before that though, could next Sunday’s game vs Bournemouth be van Gaal’s last home game? I honestly think so, but either way there should still be a large crowd staying until the end to wish the boys good luck and wave them off before the cup final. Yes, it’s been a disappointing season so far but if you can’t hang around for 15/20 minutes at the end of the season, then when can you?

I’ve never been one to discuss, speak about City  – they do not interest me. Yes, I’ll watch them play sometimes on the TV, but I have no interest in slagging them off on social media or wanting to know their results whilst we are playing etc. I honestly couldn’t care less. I wish I could say the same about some of our fans.

Anyway, onto my point – City fans have their right and of course they know more about their club than I do. However, after Pellegrini’s last home game yesterday (yes I watched the match) the crowd just disappeared with only a handful left to listen to his farewell speech. I myself thought it was very disappointing from a respectful point of view but rightfully so it was questioned by pretty much all of the media.

Now it’s our final home game, yes van Gaal’s situation is completely different to Pell’s – as rumbles grow even more amongst our fans not wanting him about next year. Understandable of course. We have won nothing for three years now (two under van Gaal), but we still need to show our support and believe in the players. That’s why no matter what, we as fans should be at Old Trafford to applaud, slow clap or even show your discontent – it lets the players know we care. Like they should!

Onto the game, let’s go for it, let’s get confidence up. I’d say only five or six players have reasonably high confidence currently and you need more than that going into a cup final. I’m going 3-1 United.

Then bring on Crystal Palace in a repeat of the 1990 FA Cup Final.


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