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Ahead of the forthcoming season Manchester United Football Club have been asked to share the following message from ‘The Red Army’, an independent group of Season Ticket holders, who would like Season Ticket holders like myself to register their interest in participating in any potential ‘atmosphere’ trials in the 2018/19 season:

“The Red Army’s single aim is to return the once famous atmosphere to Old Trafford, and following on from the success of the Brighton FA Cup game last season, where 1,400 United fans moved to L-Stand and improved the atmosphere significantly, the club have agreed for us to co-ordinate similar trials if & when the opportunity presents itself.

The club is also considering a proposal raised at the last Fans’ Forum (along with all other fan-driven atmosphere initiatives and suggestions) to ‘Reclaim the Stretford End’. In the meantime, we are looking for Season Ticket holders to register their interest in participating in any potential ‘atmosphere’ trials in the 2018/19 season; so far over 500 people have registered and, given the response to the Brighton cup game we expect demand to be high. Please click here

Guiding Principles

We believe that any area that’s set aside for like-minded Season Ticket holders wishing to improve the atmosphere at Old Trafford should:

– Be populated by the most vocal fans
– Allow groups of friends to be located together
– Be an area that younger fans should aspire to join once they are old enough
– Retain a sizeable element of ‘older’ fans
– Discourage complacency
– Discourage ticket abuse (pass-ons)

We will therefore be applying the following rules for applications:

– Minimum age of 13 years
– Match by match applications only

The Red Army”

Please note, if you’d like to register you will need to do so by clicking on the above link that will take you directly to The Red Army’s registration page.

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