What’s the Boleyn Ground?

Yep, as I got back on the coach after the West Ham game and I found my seat after a few high fives, handshakes and cheers. I hear the question ‘What’s the Boleyn Ground?’.

It does surprise how many people do not know it as the Boleyn Ground. To be fair to them for as long as I’ve been going everyone calls it Upton Park. It’s only because the press and media have recently been calling it that as they built the game up as much as possible by saying it’s ‘the last ever FA Cup home game’ – and no doubt they’ll be doing the same in May for ‘their last ever league home’ and so on…

Our view from the front row just before kick off
  Our view from the front row just before KO

What a victory anywhere, the second half came to life and what a goal from Rashford again. I was right behind it and have already been sent lots of pictures of myself and my brother on TV celebrating the goal as it goes in. As you can see from the pictures I have attached to this blog as I was on the first row just to the left of the goal.

Cracking day out which started around lunchtime by heading down to London, via the usual method of M6, M1 and then east on the North Circular all the way to the Barking junction. I’ve done that route many times now and seen some great victories down the years. Wednesday night was special though. Seeing this young kid Rashford scoring again with a great goal, keeping our average season going with a FA Cup semi-final and of course upsetting those poor West Ham fans who believed ‘it was their year’.

Cheers the players off after our 2-1 win
   Cheering the players off after our 2-1 win

Well it’s not, it might just be ours though. Every year for about five or six years though I’ve been saying that to no avail. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Interviewed for the first time by the United We Stand podcast before getting back on the coach but I certainly do not like my voice on there. Anyway, United go marching on to Wembley now! COME ON!

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