Who’s won the most League Titles

I have no need to answer that do I because we all know that the current answer is Manchester United. We have 20 League Championships to our name these but for many a year it wasn’t like that was it. For many a year we were trailing to those scousers across the way, that was until the end of the 2008/09 season when Sir Alex won his eleventh title and United eighteenth. With that we pulled level with our great rivals but it wasn’t until nine years ago today that we could rub their faces in it. That’s right, 25th October 2009 was the was the day we returned to Anfield like they asked us to with 18 League titles. We lost the game 2-0, which is never nice as we know but the day was all about letting them know what we had achieved.

Thankfully we went on to win two more as well, which leads us to one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s greatest quotes. No not the “football bloody hell” one. The “My greatest challenge is not what’s happening at the moment, my greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their fucking perch.” one. Absolutely brilliant that.

Safe to say we were not absolutely brilliant against Huddersfield on Saturday just gone, we were even just brilliant. It was a total disaster of a performance. We just didn’t turn up and when you defend as badly as we did you tend to get punished. I was at the game, Huddersfield fans were excellent and the home end to the right of where I was stood was rocking. It’s not too often the United away end is drowned out by the news but it certainly was that day. Fair play to them, the fans, the team and the manager were all up for it.

Why wouldn’t they be? First time we’d play them away in 45 years or so. United shouldn’t have had to be up for it though, that should be a given for me if you’re wearing the Manchester United shirt. You do get them games, even under Fergie we had games like that. You just accept it and move on. Defensively as mentioned we were not good but certain fans getting on Lindelof’s back is not on. Yes the lad made the mistakes, he knows that, we know that but he’ll learn from it and hopefully get better. Give the lad a break, how many United players over the year have not been too good when they first played for us and gone on to be fantastic. De Gea, Evra, Vidic? Turn it the other way,¬†Massimo Taibi was outstanding for us in his first two games and look how that turned out.

Anyway, we moved on and got back to winning ways in the EFL cup last night away to Swansea City. Two cracking goals from Jesse Lingard who just seems to love playing and scoring in cup competitions for us. I can’t even work out how many he’s got in the past couple of seasons now but it must be more than he’s scored in the Premier League. Job done against a poor Swansea team and we’re into the Quarter Finals.

Spurs at home up next on Saturday at lunchtime. Must win already in my opinion after one point from the last six. I’m confident we can do it too. Mourinho will have a plan for the outstanding Harry Kane I’m sure. Enjoy.

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