Zlatan Ibrahimovic, He is still a Swedish hero

I didn’t manage to get tickets to West Brom away, gutted as I know it would have been an early start with the lads and proper all day session catching up with them before Christmas. For the third time then in our last four games I ended up watching the game down the pub.

That’s not like me at all, I’m either there at the game home or away, or watching at home. Not been a fan of watching down the pub for a few years. Yes you can have a few beers and laugh with friends but I like to concentrate without distraction on the game. Anyway, I ended up out because it was pretty much the only night out most of the Sunday morning football team lads could do, so we met up and 4pm and watched it in the Fletcher Moss in Didsbury.

Always liked the Fletcher Moss pub in Didsbury

Initially that was just the meeting point, before we knew the Fletcher Moss had BT Sport and was showing the game, once we knew that we set up camp for the next few hours. What a start then, Pogba’s cross-field pass, Valencia’s long dink down the line and what a first-time cross from Lingard to find Zlatan who nodded in a fantastic header. Lingard’s pace throughout was excellent though and he looked good. Rooney seems to have definitely found a bit of form too, his last couple of games against Palace and now West Brom seem to have shown he’s got his touch and confidence back. He just needs those couple of goals to take the pressure off a little bit more and to keep matching his recent performances then over take Sir Bobby’s record.

Zlatan is just getting back to his very best and his confidence his sky-high, yes he had a poor month not so long ago but don’t all strikers? I never had my doubts and he’s now flying again. I’d be seriously worried if I was Sunderland and Middlesbrough about coming to Old Trafford over the festive season.

Good to see all the players in the crowd at the end of the game too, giving away their shirts before Christmas! Top away support as always and gutted not to be there. Zlatan described it when you win like we did on a Saturday as a “beautiful day” – gotta love his attitude and professionalism haven’t you?

Man of the match for Zlat as well, scoring the goals but playing well for the team. His opening goal was outstanding. You missed it live as you were watching the ball, but the thinking of Zlatan is incredible too, I’ve watched the goal again since and the cheekyness of him to just pull back Gareth McAuley’s arm as they are both starting to run towards the goal to get that extra yard helped him so much. Of course it’s a foul, but only if someone see’s it, and he knew full well they wouldn’t.

From one Swede at the end of his career to another still at the start of his and on the rise. Victor Lindelöf is currently being talked about as a centre half we might sign. I definitely believe we need someone, more so to cover Bailly whilst he’s away for the African Nations. Merry Christmas anyway and see you at Old Trafford on Boxing Day.


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