An early start for Newcastle

When I think of Newcastle at home, I think of plenty of goals and three easy points for us. With the goals coming consistently from Rooney in the last ten years, to van Nistelrooy and Andy Cole the ten years before that. Yes I remember Ronaldo’s hatrick and Scholes’ hatrick, although that was away from home, but goals is what stands out for me.

Of course Solskjaer had goals as well, but his “taking one for the team” in April 98 when he chased down and took out Rob Lee deliberately is my lasting memory of him in this particular fixture. Rooney, Ruud and Cole it is then and they all seemed to follow on from each other, like they were handing over the baton to each other in the Premier League era.

My best memory of this fixture though is way back in September 1984, I’d been to a couple of games at Old Trafford aged 7, the season before with my dad, but without really remembering anything specific. That all changed on Saturday 8th September 1984, now aged 8, when we quite literally destroyed Newcastle and I walked out of the Stretford Paddock hooked for life.

I came to learn over the years that United was all about wing play, well I go to see it in full flow that day. I saw Gordon Strachan and his ginger flocks down the right wing and Jesper Olsen’s blonde locks down the left, something I will never forget. I say locks, let’s be honest, they were mullets.

To this day though, I will never forget the 5-0 drubbing with gave them that day. Strachan himself getting two, then Olsen, Hughes and Remi Moses with the goal of the day, all getting one each. Moses goals was outstanding, talk about one touch football. He picked up the ball mid way inside Newcastle’s half and five or six one touch passes later, he received the ball again, rounded the keeper and slid it into the goal. Happy memories and you can see it for yourself below:

With regards tomorrow, I can’t see any change at the back or up front unless van Gaal gives Ashley Young another run out ahead of Januzaj. In midfield though, I do hope Herrera gets a start, if not Schweinsteiger in there with Schneiderlin.

As I’ve said, goals always spring to mind with me for this fixture so I’m going to say 3-0. Yes I know we’ve had the odd draw over the years, not forgetting that disastrous loss two years ago under Moyes. However, confidence is currently on the up still after the Brugge game, plus so far, we’ve been solid at the back.

Anyway, I’ll be in my usual seat in the Stretford End from where I watched this beauty fly in just over 10 years ago now.

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