FA Cup 3rd Round – love it!

It’s not been our time in recent years of the FA Cup unfortunately but I still absolutely love this competition. I think kids of a certain generation probably still do, maybe the romance isn’t there for kids born in the nineties? That probably has to do with the lack of times United have won it recently.

This is now the longest time in our history since I was born in the mid-seventies since we haven’t won it or in fact been in a final. Obviously I don’t remember those late games in the Seventies before I remember 83 against Brighton and of course big Norman’s winner in 1985.

After those, we had wins in 1990, 94, 96, 99 with just the one defeat to Everton in 1995 being the blip. Our last win was in a very one-sided final in 2004 against Millwall. We returned a year later against Arsenal, again in the most one-sided FA Cup Final ever but just couldn’t score and lost on penalties.

2007 followed and a defeat to Chelsea, that hurts now looking at the record books but I’ll still take that defeat all day long after we won the league back a few weeks earlier after four years without it. Since then though we’ve been very poor. Yes you could say the Champions League became more of a priority for a period with three appearance in four years. That was 5 years ago now. We need to win the FA Cup this year now, otherwise it’s going to be a minimum 13 year gap even if we win it next year.

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