Leicester City 5 Manchester United…

scoreboard-getty_3046521bFor all the worrywarts out there, (and let’s be honest there a few in red shirts at the moment) at this stage last year  (when David Moyes was in charge) United had 7 points, this time round Van Gaal has only five.

Now, last year, every fan would tell you that seven points at that stage in the season was a terrible start, in fact, it was a blooming nightmare start for United. One that David Moyes never truly recovered from.

But, what of van Gaal’s start to the season? If last year’s start was a nightmare, what will the fans make of this atrocious start to a season? In actual fact, just to add another nail to the widening coffin, 5 points (at this stage in the season) is the worst start for United since the premier league began!

The next problem facing Van Gaal’s early leadership is that at this stage of the season, last year, David Moyes had only spent £28 Million on new talent and that player was Marouane Fellaini. In stark contrast, the Dutch maestro has spent a whopping £160 million on six new players but (as is well documented) for a poorer return in terms of league table points.

Also, Van Gaal has lauded his use of youth but David Moyes introduced young forward Adnan Januzaj who has yet to feature for Van Gaal. Whereas, Tyler Blackett has been ever present in Van Gaal’s teams but he was roundly exposed by Leicester City’s lively forwards. In particular, Jamie Vardy terrorised Blackett throughout the game. So much so, he was eventually hauled off as Van Gaal tried desperately to stem the flow of goals from the free firing Leicester forwards.

The Dutchman’s preference for three at the back has been well documented but what is clear is that United defence has not looked that disorganised for a long time. So far, under Van Gaal’s guidance, in all competitions, the Red Devils have conceded 11 goals. This compares with just 4 goals by the 22nd of September last season.

So far, and it is surprising to say, Louis Van Gaal is not comparing favourably to David Moyes record with the club. So how much time will the Dutchman be given before he is fired? His record at United is not looking good and he will have it all to do in order to make rapid progress up the table. Especially, after his now ill-advised declaration that United would come second in this seasons Premier League.

What is interesting, if you compare both managers record before they took on the United job and their record after taking it on. David Moyes was the preferred choice of Sir Alex Ferguson who was personally impressed with the work Moyes had done at Everton. The highlight of that time at Everton was a fourth place finish and a Champion’s League play off. Now, compare that to Van Gaal’s eight (yes you read that correct eight) league titles at four different clubs and a Champions League win!

Yet, despite the inferior C.V. David Moyes had a better record with Manchester United (at this stage in the season) than Van Gaal has achieved. That said, fans are telling me to be patient and he will (I quote) ‘come good’ but I distinctly remember the same fans saying that of one David Moyes. Ultimately, only time will tell but the question is how much time will we need?

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