Mourinho entering crucial period as boss

It is no secret that our boss Jose Mourinho has yet to survive more than three years at a football club. In fact, only at Chelsea in 2007, did he begin a fourth season, lasting little more than a month.

Of course, us Manchester United fans have to believe that things will be different this time around. That the Portuguese boss has finally found a club to call home, where he could stay and build a dynasty for many years. But despite the sense of hope and optimism that greeted his arrival, things have taken an eerily familiar turn this season. And the fact that the United gaffer is favourite in the Premier League betting to be the next manager of a top nine club to leave his post does not bode well.

“A thinking José Mourinho” by Aleksandr Osipov

People have often talked about the siege mentality that Mourinho manages to instil into his players. When any criticism is directed his way he lashes out, blames everyone else and then drums it into his players that the media and everyone else in football is out to get them.

In many cases, it proves successful and creates a team dynamic that can cause incredible things to happen. During his time at Inter, Jose became almost like a figure of worship to some players, many of whom might have never achieved what they did under any other boss. The same can be said of his time at Porto.

But in other circumstances, it can breed resentment and mistrust in the dressing room. Any player who does not subscribe to his often paranoid theories can often be singled out or used as a scapegoat. At this point, things get difficult. Stories are leaked to the press and then the coach becomes obsessed with weeding out the moles, usually resulting in his departure. This was the case at both Real Madrid and Chelsea (during that second spell).

Having almost made it through a season and a half at Old Trafford, history tells us that he is already halfway through his tenure. So we are entering a crucial period where his long-term commitment to the club is likely to be revealed.

So far this season, Mourinho has accused a reporter of working undercover for another club, he has lashed out at pundits and he famously entered the Manchester City dressing room to chastise them for celebrating victory in the derby game. So has the inevitable process towards his departure already started? Or can the Red Devils boss follow a different script this time?

“Sir Alex still dreaming” by Broady – Salford art and photography

For us United fans, the thought of yet another recruitment process is rather unpalatable. With three coaches already given a chance since Alex Ferguson’s departure almost five years ago, the club has yet to mount a title challenge and have only made the top four once. A Europa League victory and a 12th FA Cup have provided some consolation but Jose Mourinho’s appointment, combined with a substantial transfer budget, was meant to change all that.

For one of the biggest club’s in the world, the current situation is far from ideal. Now is the time for the talented coach to prove his worth and reward the Old Trafford faithful with the type of football and the level of success that they crave.

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