No United strikers for Chelsea game

I heard the news about 8pm last night. A mate I worked with a couple of years back sent me a message on watsapp informing me of the situation. He’d heard via some news source that journalist Neil Custis had confirmed we’d travelled to London via train as usual with no Rooney, Rashford or Martial. He’d not heard the reason why, just that they may not be in the squad at all and he was then under the impression that they were possibly being rested ahead of our Europa League clash on Thursday. With that being the main priority and best chance now of United qualifying for next season’s Champions League, with a top four finish becoming more and more difficult with all the draws we have keep having.

I wasn’t having it, I believed what my mate was saying of course but I thought there must be something else in it. To go to Stamford Bridge with no strikers would be absolutely ridiculous if some of them were actually fit. Seeing what Jose has done this season home and away with his squads there could be no way he’d go in under strength. Nearly every match day squad this season has been strong with whomever we’ve been due to play. He’s come out and said that himself at times, we’re Manchester United, we go into all games with our strongest possibly squad to try and win everyone single game on merit.

Martial, Rashford & Rooney all missing

Like most of our fans, I’m gutted to be missing Zlatan tonight but have obviously accepted it as he deserves his ban after elbowing Mings last weekend. I however still thought we had a great chance of going to London and getting a result to take us through to the FA Cup semi-finals. Zlatan has been outstanding, but with him not being in the squad it was a perfect opportunity for Martial and Rashford to step up again and take their chance. Which I was confident they could do, plus and I know we always say it, we’re due a result down at the The Bridge.

Anyway, an hour or two later, my mate’s message was correct as it was announced our squad was indeed missing all four players mentioned. Fellaini and Mkhitaryan up top then? We’ll have to wait and see. I am heading down to the game today, my coach leaves at 1pm from town, god knows what time it will get back in the early hours of tomorrow morning, it could be very very late if the game goes to extra-time. Let’s not dwell on it anyway, let’s go there with what we’ve got, give Chelsea a game and hopefully our six thousand travelling fans a night to remember. UNITED!



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