PogBack for Friday Night Football

Is that a first for us in the Premier League era? I know we’ve had quite a few league and cup games away from home, especially in recent years but I can’t ever remember a Friday night game at Old Trafford. I don’t think we have one but I’d love to be told if we have, please let me know.

ye olde cockI was going to drive straight to the game Friday, park in my usual spot about a 25 minute walk away and then be back home and down the local for a few pints at last orders. However, my mate messaged to say he was now going out early to meet a friend of his and wondered if I fancied it too. The answer was yes, the season had started and it was the perfect time to catch up with fellow reds before kick off. Even better we were meeting in a pub in Didsbury that I’d never been to before, Ye Olde Cock.

My mate’s friend was driving, so after one more pub in Didsbury we headed to Chorlton for two more quick beers before heading off again to park up near Old Trafford about 50 minutes before kick off. I grabbed a can for on the way and we chatted about predictions before the game. I’d being saying it all day and I was going to change my mind then, 3-0 United with Zlatan getting two.

A quick beer before kick off and I took to my seat, well I stood in my usual seat if that makes sense. Anyway, just before kick off, a guy and I presume his girlfriend walked in front of me and I happened to notice he had a Zlatan mask. I laughed and said to him jokingly ‘where did you get that?’. In a slurred Irish accent he replied “ye can e have it if ye like?”. See if you don’t ask you don’t get, one Zlatan mask required for my lad for no cost whatsoever.

Into the game and it wasn’t long before the big man Zlatan arose above the Southampton defence and powered in a sublime header into the corner, I don’t think Schmeichel in his heyday would have got close to that, what a finish!

ibrahimovic-pogbaWe were comfortable in the second half and only a few minutes in, Shaw was brought down. Zlatan stepped up and 2-0 United. I knew I should have had some cash on Zlatan for a brace. It wasn’t to be though and although we nearly made it 3-0 on a few occasions it was yet another win.

It would never of happened if it wasn’t for the school holidays, but my plan after the game was to head to The Gorse pub for a couple of quiet beers. Let the traffic down and then walk to the bus stop in Stretford. However as I was walking over the bridge leaving the ground I got a text off the wife asking if I’d like a lift home. Oh yes!

Onto the next game as well, Hull away and I’m going again. I can’t remember the last time I’ve made the first two away league games of a season. Bring it on though in a six days time now.

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