Is Ryan Giggs right not to take on the biggest hot seat in English Football?

Ryan Giggs, interim manager of Manchester United

Let’s be honest, Ryan Giggs has a great reputation as both a player and as a coach at Manchester United. No doubt if a new boss takes over the hot seat that Ryan has been keeping warm then he will be given some substantial, non-playing role at the club.

Nevertheless, we all know what happens to football managers, they get fired. Whoever takes over from David Moyes as the Manchester United manager will most likely have been fired at some point in his past coaching career. To be perfectly honest, unless he secures champions league football and is at least competitive in the league he will probably be fired from the job.

Many fans have been calling for him (Ryan Giggs) to be given the manager’s job full time because he is United through and through. That said, it does remind me of when Alan Shearer was given the Newcastle job, he sucked at it. A great player, a great pundit, but not cut out to lead an elite club (stop laughing at the back).  He was Newcastle United through and through and was arguably the clubs greatest player and he was unable to save Newcastle from relegation that year. It would seem being a great Geordie legend did nothing to inspire the players to greater things, even if it did inspire the Geordie faithful into full voice.  However, Alan Shearer was not fired he left the club stating that he only ever intended to help out at the end of the season.

If Ryan steers clear of the United hot seat he can guarantee himself a long future with the club, on the other hand if he is lured into taking it he will find his time at the club will be limited.  As mentioned previously, almost all football mangers lose their jobs due to being fired, sacked or terminated (contractually speaking).  Very few are able to keep a manager’s job until they retire from the game.

So, Ryan can stay at United for the rest of his career if he chooses, as long as he doesn’t take the job of Manchester United manager and risk a sacking, which might be too tempting for him to resist.

It is normal, if you are to be considered a suitable candidate for the role of Manchester United Manager, to have an impressive record of winning with high profile teams. Van Gaal (amongst others) has an impressive record to bring to the club. However, when you have a club legend, such as Giggs, waiting in the wings they sometimes get special treatment and the lack of big game management experience is forgotten.

So what of his (Giggs) record so far… beating Norwich was no big achievement (no disrespect to Norwich) and losing to a rebellious Sunderland was clumsy at best, but all credit to Sunderland for their fighting spirit. The Hull result returned a little pride to the man and the club but it shows how difficult David Moyes had it when he was in charge. Importantly it showed that Ryan Giggs was not a messiah who could wave a magic United wand and save the day.

I have spoken to Manchester United fans that idolised David Moyes when he arrived because Fergie selected him personally. They turned on him when results were bad. What chance would Ryan Giggs have? Would he be given a longer run at the job due to his history with the club?  The sacking of David Moyes has started a dangerous president for United because they were not a sacking club; they were a stable club who gave a manger time. Now, for the first time in over twenty years, they are like all the other clubs in the English Premier League… scared of fans reaction and trigger happy (contractually speaking).

I for one hope that Ryan takes a side step and lets a new man in for the job but is given a coaching role at the club and maybe groomed as a future successor. However, history tells us that there is no guarantee that the heir apparent would succeed any more than a club legend dropped in at the deep end.

There is no pleasing some people.

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