10,000 Brough fans in town!

Now, I couldn’t make it to the derby on Sunday, gutted! The first one I’d missed home or away for four years. Obviously I managed to watch it on TV, that goes without saying if I’m not actually at the game.

It doesn’t matter where I am in the world, I’ll always be there to watch United. Even ten years ago in Australia when games were on at stupid o’clock I was still up and about to watch it. In fact that specific game was actually the last 0-0 at home between the teams. It was 7th November 2004 and I was in Airlie Beach, Queensland.

Speaking of Sunday’s game. My phone was off before kick off and of course during the game. I turned it on afterwards and eventually logged onto social media. I couldn’t believe how many people were spouting away about the derby.

You’d of thought this was United’s only game of the season. Lots of people who never normally comment about United’s matches at all, were out of the woodwork with their before and after opinions. I know Derby Day is big but we do have other games throughout the season too. I do wonder if any of them know we’re playing Middlesbrough in the League Cup tonight.

I’ve always quite liked Brough. Yes Brough, not Boro – there is only one ‘o’ in Middlesbrough after all. They always use to give us a game and for a while there I regarding them as a bit of a bogey team. Specifically at the back end of the nineties and early noughties.

I was going to say it was usually at the Riverside too. With the 4-1 defeat and Keano’s infamous rant being the stand out defeat. I watched that in Temple Bar, Dublin thinking back.

However, I remember they had quite a few wins and draws at Old Trafford as well. In fact they were the only team to beat us at home in any competition in our treble winning season.

Tonight should be good though, they’ll have 10,000 away followers in the K Stand so atmosphere should be up there. The likes of Pereira, Lingard and Wilson may get a start, but I’ll understand if not – we need to win a trophy!!

Brough will give us game, as they did City in last years FA Cup. They’re going well again this year but I’m confident of goals tonight so let’s say 3-1 United. Enjoy the game!

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