We’re Man United, you should always aim to win the league

It’s match day once again for United today as we face Burnley at Old Trafford this evening in an 8pm kick off. The games are certainly coming thick and fast for us at the moment and if we keep winning there will only be more to come and I will not say no to that. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has done an incredible job and I cannot believe how much he has changed the team around, in what, just 5 weeks? Outstanding!

When I heard him in the pre-match press conference yesterday as well, I was absolutely chuffed with his attitude and the way he sees United. when he said stuff like:

“We’re Man United, you should always aim to win the league,”

“We can’t do that this year but we’ve just got to look forward to it again.”

“We’ve got the Champions League, we’ve got the FA Cup, we can’t just say top four and that’s it”

He just gets it, that is the bare minimum of what our club should be aiming for, finishing in the top one, not aiming for top four. You aim for the top spot and top spot only, if you fail at top spot but give it a go, then you accept and pick up the bonus of qualifying for the Champions League if you’re in second, third or fourth.

Unfortunately this season we are now aiming to finish in the top four because of the situation we’re in after Jose Mourinho’s departure, but that should not be the priority. The priority is winning the next game and then winning the next game after that, it should not matter what the competition is.

As things stand, we’re still in the FA Cup after our brilliant performance and 3-1 win against Arsenal last Friday night, plus we have PSG coming up in the Champions League. Whilst we’re in both of these competitions then it should be our priority to win them and thankfully Ole Solskjaer knows that too, just as assistant manager Mike Phelan does.

For all the praise Ole is getting, so much credit must go to Phelan too and the influence he has had since coming back on board after not so good efforts as an out-and-out manager at both Norwich and Hull City. I met Phelan once and got his autograph at a signing session in Woolworth’s in the Manchester Arndale Centre back in 1992, I think it was a few weeks after we’d won the 1992 League Cup against Nottingham Forest.

Even then you never thought he’d have had such an impact at United for all the years he was an assistant to Sir Alex, but fair play to him, as an average player he has become an unbelievable coach. Phelan Phelan where’s your shorts!

Right, that’s me done for the day, quick change and I’m off to the Quadrant pub for a couple of beers before heading to Old Trafford and the Munich memorial for 6.30pm to pay my respects like always.

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