Watford away funnies

Two things stand out in my memory from the last time we played Watford away in the league. Both those things are funny, firstly Mikael Silvestre scored. However that’s not the funny bit, the funny bit was his dance/shake after he scored, classic! Even from the away end jumping up and down I noticed some sort of shimmy hah!

Funnier than that though was five minutes into the game, stood towards the rear of the away end I glanced to the left into the a joining terrace. Now, Vicarage Road has recently been built on so the abandoned area with no seats or standing area is no longer there.

At the time no supporters were allowed to use this particular area, however two stewards still stood there (they must of known) to keep an eye. At the back of stand was a small hut/building, possibly an old food hut or something. Anyway, it obviously connected to the road outside and must have been half abandoned.

All of a sudden, a window opened in this small building and a young teenage kid fell through, a mate followed. Now, if the stand was full of supporters they’d of got away with it, in fact they wouldn’t of even been noticed. However, the stand was completely empty apart from two stewards. They quickly rounded the kids up after a small chase!

Even better, United won 2-1 and made it three wins out of three at the start of the 2006-2007 season. After a 5-1 demolition of Fulham on the opening day on the Sunday before we put away Watford on the Saturday. In between that though was Charlton away, now there was nothing significant about the 3-0 win. Except for a certain Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scoring!

It was his first goal back in United colours after nearly two years out. I was in the away end for that too on a Wednesday night and the fact Ole bowed to us whilst we celebrated his goal is testamant to what a player, man, gentleman and legend he was and still is.

I’m not going to Watford today unfortunately, I’ve got an away day of my own so it’ll be an early train from Manc to Nottingham for me today. Prediction? No strikers? Ah sod it, 2-0 United!

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